Firstly, a tour of rust:

Secondly, 3 good books by Official

  1. The Rust Programming Language (aka The Book)

  2. Rust by example

  3. Rustlings, small exercises on many basic subject of rust

    If it's your first time running rustlings, follow the link to start a rustlings workspace on, login
    Note: you will need to install the rustlings command in the console as below. It will take several minutes and do not leave the installing page as it may interupt, hit the enter key sometimes to keep the page active.
    > cargo install --force --path .
    > cp /home/runner/.cargo/bin/rustlings ./

    Now make sure you are in rustlings folder, otherwise change to it:
    > pwd
    > cd rustlings

    after that, every time you want to start your practice on rustlings, go to your workspace, and run:
    > ./rustlings watch

You are almost there, where to go next?


Go to codewars for practicing std libs.


Go to Exercism for more exercises.

Go to practice list, guide you step by step from beginner to master.

can i use .rs

A story about learning rust at 40:

learning rust at 40
The author wrote a book named "Easy rust", means learning rust in easy English.
Easy rust

Who is using Rust and how they use it?

See Who is using Rust and how they use it

Want to buy some books to read?

> Suggested books for learning rust-lang

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